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Specialist Diploma in Advertising Design

Upcoming Intakes

Part Time: 2 Dec 2019

Full Time:  20 Jan 2020

Additional Information


Course Duration: 30 Months

Lecturer:Students Ratio: 1:30


Course Duration: 22 Months

Lecturer:Students Ratio: 1:20

I'm guessing no one told you what it would be like, after you got your degree/diploma from your design course, eh? That you would be sitting behind your desk, designing, without being able to voice your ideas & opinions; and being uninvolved in the creative process.

We know how it feels, having all of those creative marketing & advertising ideas pent-up inside, not being able to share them. Let us, help you unlock this side of you.

This is no practical design course, but the way. In this theory-based course, you will be taught the strategic portion pertaining to Marketing & Advertising.

This Specialist Diploma consists of 7 core modules and 1 major project, which will put everything you have learnt from your design course to the test (Don't worry, you will be very prepared). Upon successful completion of this program, you will be considered professionally equipped with knowledge and skills in Marketing and Advertising.

In addition, the portfolio you have created will provide credentials for your future career pursuits and educational advancements in design related courses!

Entry Requirements


  • Applicants are to be aged 16 or above when applying.

  • GCE 'O' level with minimum 3 credits (C6) or equivalent

  • For those who have completed CMA Diploma in Communication Design, or other diplomas of the same capacity from polytechnics or private institutions, may apply.

  • An interview may be conducted upon your application to review your eligibility.

  • A special bridging program may be required for those who have not met the full requirements.


  • VIETNAM - Minimum year 10 education

  • CHINA - High School Senior Level 2 or equivalent


  • MALAYSIA - SPM / STPM / Chinese Independent – High School Senior Level 2

  • At least 'O' Level English (C6) or equivalent

*Exemption will be considered for applicants with related working experience or graduates from other design schools. (Exemption for design modules is strictly based on portfolio evaluation and interview)

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