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For ITE Students

"It really pissed me off whenever I hear someone degrading ITE students. I strongly believe that it doesn’t matter which institution you’re in, as long as you’re taking your studies seriously. I respect those from ITE who are able to overcome the stigma attached to the school and end up doing well in life unlike some jokers in my ex-school that are heading nowhere in life. Press on guys and girls!
P.S. I think the red/white college shirt looks incredibly sexy on the students.”
- Extracted from ITE Confessions- Facebook

What’s your confession as an ITE student/ graduate? Are you desperate to tell the people out there who you are? Or, are you unsure about what you could become with a sense of inadequacy?

If you are bursting with a desire to create, feeling you have the potential to be the next Andy Warhoal or David Ogilvy, try our MAD formula, the only 3-in-1 Diploma in Marketing+ Advertising+ Design.


ITE Graduate
Brandon Loh Speaks

"I was in a class of thirty-seven when I was in ITE compared to less than half of the class size in CMA, I am getting the right amount of attention for consultation and improvement, specifically tips on art direction from lecturers to grow further as a designer..."

Here’re what you'll gain with CMA:

  • How to think and create great ads!

  • "On-the-job" learning in the classroom!

  • Master Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver!

  • Receive insider tips from our Adman Talks!

  • Get an eye-opening experience through Industrial Visits to printing houses and ad agencies!

  • Meet your future boss through Networking opportunities!

  • Prove what you've learnt with a 'live' project!

  • Gain first-hand experience working in the industry through Internships/Apprenticeships!

  • Travel out of the classroom through Overseas Exposure!

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