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Students' Perks

Some of our favorite benefits and perks
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We firmly uphold the principles of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in safeguarding the personal information of our students.

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Enhance Horizon

Each year, we arrange a study trip for students to explore industries abroad, broadening their horizons, enhancing knowledge, and fostering cross-cultural understanding. An exciting educational adventure awaits!

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Quality Education

We prioritize quality education, nurturing growth, critical thinking, and personal development. Skilled educators, effective methods, and a supportive environment empower students for lifelong success.


Support Low Income

We supports low-income individuals for equal access, social responsibility, diversity, and long-term impact.

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We offer scholarships to a select number of students. For further information, please get in touch with us.

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M.A.D. Men Talks

We invite industry professionals to give talks and keep our students informed. Our "Mad Men" talks also facilitate networking opportunities for students.

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Industry Knowledge

Our school embraces industry knowledge to enhance learning and prepare students for real-world challenges and opportunities.


Disabled Individuals

Supporting disabled people is essential for promoting inclusivity, equal opportunities, and ensuring a more compassionate and just society.

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NGO Supported

We partner with MTC NGO for impactful pro bono work, offering valuable opportunities for student involvement in charitable initiatives.

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Gender Equality

We are committed to gender equality, creating an inclusive environment where all individuals have equal opportunities, rights, and resources to thrive and contribute.

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Fair Admission

We uphold a policy of equal treatment for all students, ensuring fairness in certification, grading, and admissions processes.



Supporting refugees is a humanitarian imperative that ensures safety, protection, and a chance for a better life for those fleeing persecution and conflict.

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