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CEO Message

Dear Reader,

CMA started as an unconventional school for everyone who wants to come and pursue their dreams. It is a school where your background and past academic performances are not taken into account, a place where everyone starts afresh and where everyone is encouraged to come out of their shell and be MAD. We are the only school in Asia, which believes that everyone is creative.


Our mission is to "Rekindle one's passion in design, rediscover possibilities in creative industries and to have one realize their potential".

In Singapore, design schools are in abundance, where students are often taught how to design but are unable to bring the value of their design to the company due to their lack of understanding of business functions. At CMA we impart the knowledge of business functions and design, bridging the gap between what the market needs and what ordinary students learn at various design institutions.

So far, we have trained over 1200 students, with 80% of our initial students coming from different Asian countries. Many Singaporeans were initially skeptical about pursuing their creative dreams here and preferred established design schools to boutique schools such as CMA. However, in the last 2 years, Singaporeans make up 80% of our totally students' base and in 2010, we welcomed students from France, Australia, Scotland and Dubai.

Many of our graduates are working in top advertising agencies like Ogilvy & Mather, Dentsu, LOWE, BBD, etc., and they hold key positions such as Art Director, Copywriter, Creative Directors and so on. Some enterprising ones even moved on to start their own studios - Eleven Communications, Duo Studio, Design AirLAB, just to name a few. We are proud to have them playing significant roles in adding value to the marketing, advertising and design industry.

So to all my young students, matured graduates or prospective students, enjoy every moment of life. Everybody is Creative, and this is a belief that I hold strongly. At times, things may not turn out the way we wish, but remember to stay on the path you have chosen, never let your passion die and never stop learning even if you have achieved your goal. If you have tried your best and worked towards the goodness of a creative professional, God will show you the way.

Thank you.

Michelle Lim.
Chief Executive Officer


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