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CMA offers our very own MAD formula through the Professional Diploma in Advertising and Design course. It integrates Marketing and Advertising into Design and ultimately equips our students with the skills required to build a career path towards their dream of being a Creative Director, or setting up their own agency. It is a combination of our Diploma in Communication Design and Specialist Diploma in Advertising Design courses.

In this course, CMAians will be trained to take on the rigours in the design business, understand the market, craft out advertising strategies and eventually come up with designs and visuals that communicate and sell the product or services at a much higher intrinsic value projected by branding.

CMA's Diploma in Communication Design course trains CMAians to be full-fledged designers (even those without prior creative backgrounds), whilst the Specialist Diploma in Advertising Design course trains CMAians (who are already designers) to be able to think, plan and execute any design.

Everyone is aware that being able to design is no longer an issue. Taking up an ordinary design course would equip you with that skill. However, being able to understand and communicate with your clients with practicality on top of your creativity is essential, and we believe we provide you with this in all our courses.

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Higher Diploma

Professional Diploma in Advertising and Design

Higher Diploma

Specialist Diploma in Advertising Design

Where design is the end goal and strategic thinking is the start, the Specialist Diploma in Advertising Design is a course crafted for people who already have the design skills.

Diploma in Photography & Digital Imaging

The most demanded genres of photography in the industry such as documentary, fashion, portraiture, and product will be taught. 

Our most popular and signature formula integrating marketing & advertising into the design.


Diploma in Communication Design

You have a keen eye for aesthetics. Designs inspire you. You’re inspired to design. Computer graphic software training coupled with lessons on principles of design such as symbols, colours, etc.

Post-Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

Understand more about the latest technology & available platforms, learn about digital marketing strategies for senior management and more.

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Where design is the end goal and strategic thinking is the start, the Specialist Diploma in Advertising Design is a course crafted for people who already have the design skills.

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Professional Certificate

Professional Certificate in Communication Design

Aims to provide students with a stronger fundamental skill set in visual literacy and technical executions.

Professional Certificate in Editorial Design

Learn about the anatomy of publication, design principles of page layout, grid systems, visual elements, and the organising of editorial content.

Professional Certificate in Online Media Design

Through audience profiling, planning of campaign schedules and learning the importance of storytelling, students also delve into the UI and UX aspects of online media design.


Professional Certificate in Packaging Design

Learn how to effectively create a good packaging design that fits any requirements.

Professional Certificate in Corporate Identity Design

A course that covers the crucial aspects in the overall process in creating a good corporate identity.

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Professional Workshops


21st Century Advertising

The 21st Century Advertising workshop will be covering on advertising concepts & theories and the world of advertising & ad agencies...


Advance Critical Thinking

Creatives work in a fast phase environment and face many tough problems – problems that require them to solve critically and creatively while addressing users context...



The Branding module covers the important aspects of branding. Students will learn how to build a branding campaign by understanding the fundamental concepts...



Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing module offers a complete coverage of what it takes to become a successful digital marketer. What is digital marketing in today’s marketplace?...



The Copywriting module is a dynamic and highly collaborative class that gives students plenty of discussion and practice opportunities. Not only will they...


Creative Thinking

The Creative Thinking module is a place where students are taught the methods to construct, create and develop ideas, which can be applied across all mediums and platforms ..


Content Marketing & Creation (Storytelling)

The objective of this module is to prepare students to use visual still and moving imagery to communicate. Upon completion of this course...


Innovative Marketing

The Innovative Marketing module introduces fundamental but industry relevant marketing concepts and framework. Students will learn to perform accurate consumer research through...


Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Marketing module prepares students to navigate through the ever- changing social media landscape and how they can use it to their advantage, from personal...


TVC (Concept + Development)

The TVC (Concept + Development) module is an introduction to TV advertising medium. Understanding what it’s best for, how has it developed, how has it evolved...


Corporate Identity and Design

There is a saying that clothes make a man. Figuratively speaking, the ‘clothes’ of a company and the manner in which they present themselves lie in their corporate...


Digital Studios I (Illustrator)

The Digital Studios I module provides a comprehensive coverage of Adobe Illustrator, from the fundamentals, all
the way to advanced Illustrator techniques...


Online Media Design

This module introduces students to the broad spectrum of online media. Students will learn what is online media, the media types, channels vs social media...


Editorial Design

Creating of an outstanding editorial magazine often starts with a labyrinth of intricate planning. In Editorial Design, students will learn the anatomy of...


Digital Studios I (Photoshop)

The Digital Studios II module introduces students to the professional practice and experts’ choice of digital image editing: Adobe Photoshop...


Packaging and Print Technology

This module offers students an in-depth study of the principles of packaging design and the design process from concepts to three-dimensional forms...


Typography and Communication Design

This module provides students with the theoretical and practical experiences of typography as a visual language and its application in visual communication design...


User Interface Design I

The User Interface Design I module introduces students to the theory and practical interface design for web and mobile applications through the use of Adobe XD...


Visual Communication

This module allows students to explore and embark on their creative journey to discover and cultivate what it takes to become a successful visual communication designer...


User Experience Design

Everything a designer does affects user experience. From the addition of bold lines, or the omitting of a pop up
box, there is no such thing...


User Interface Design II

The User Interface Design II delves deeper into UI Design. This advanced module introduces students the theory and best practices on how to enhance engagement...


Digital Imaging Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

Instead of learning Photoshop and Lightroom separately, the new Digital Imaging I module combines both these essential software into a single course...


Documentary Photography

The camera is capable of capturing important events and decisive moments, but not all pictures are of flash and brilliance. Sometimes the...


Fashion Photography

The Fashion Photography module introduces students to the intensity of professional fashion photography. You will learn the entire process of setting...


Fundamentals of Photography

This module delves first into the history of photography and the documentation of its advancements. The technical skills needed to operate a DSLR camera in...


Natural and Studio Lighting

What is light; what is light in photography? Students who go through this module will fully understand the effects of light and how it can create or destroy...


Portraiture Photography

They say the eyes of a person are the windows to their soul. In Portraiture Photography module, you will learn the techniques professionals use to capture...


Product Photography

The Product Photography module teaches you creative and innovative ways for photographing products, filling your portfolio with commercial worthy product shots...

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