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Summer Course


Attention all parents: this might make or break your child’s future so take heed!

Are your kids suffering from such symptoms - constant doodling, stubborn eschewal of everything mainstream, and persistence about keeping up their own styles and identities? If so, your child might be suffering from a grave condition; they bear the early signs of a creative genius! But, despair not, we have just the prescription you need – a fun-filled 5-day design camp administered by a highly experienced French trainer!

Upon completion of the treatment, your child will be able to:

  • Get equipped with digital design soft skills which is of exceptional importance given we’re living in the heyday of visual design.

  • Incorporate the elements of art and graphic design into their daily work such as enhancing their visual presentation skills through digital design and understanding visual hierarchy

  • Harvest more lateral creative thinking concepts

  • Interact with like-minded sufferers, where team building will be of huge assistance in managing their condition

The dangers of deferring treatment:

  • Your child may never realize the benefits of creative genius and feel imprisoned in the four-walled cell of their latent mind, unable to translate their imagination into a tangible product

Exploring Design Through Digital Studio (20 Hours)

Upon completion of the treatment, your child will be able to:

​Schedule: 30th July – 3rd August

Time: 9am – 1pm

Course Fee: $650/pax (Group registrations are welcomed) 

Summer Camp Schedule

Day One - Monday, July 30

  • Understand basic pictograms and ideograms and how they affect design today - Introduction to Photoshop and basic photo touch up

Day Two - Tuesday, July 31

  • Getting started with graphic design through elements of art (lines, shapes, form, texture, color) - Introduction to Illustrator and basic drawing

Day Three - Wednesday, August 1

  • Pairing elements through principles - Understanding layer manipulation to create superimposed graphics

Day Four - Thursday, August 2

  • Getting an idea through creative thinking and translating them into visual- Using illustrator to draw a simple logo

Day Five - Friday, August 3

  • Presentation of visual project - Combining photoshop and illustrator for multi-platform design

The Lecturer — Violaine Hemery

Violaine has always had an artistic propensity.

After graduating from high school with a solid foundation in visual arts (primarily modern and postmodern periods), she decided to enter a school of photography where she later attained a Professional Diploma.

This first photography foray enabled her to build a strong foundation, and allowed her to successfully enroll into the prestigious Gobelins School in Paris, famous for its highly competitive entry and top-rate curriculum.

She began her career as a colour specialist, presiding over the entire professional photolab production from film development to high standard prints for important exhibitions. Within this span of time, she worked closely with art curators and renowned photographers like Sabine Pigalle, Luc Boegly, Michel Denance, Olivier Buhagiar, Stephane Couturier, Nigel Dickinson to name a few. They had such great synergy and her clients were so impressed with her that three of them even gave her an autographed copy of their published book with an enclosed thank you note, upon conclusion of their collaboration.

Later, she continued her career in the field of photography in the other end of the world, this time working as a fine arts photographer in Hong Kong.

In 2010, Violaine decided to embark on her journey in the graphic design industry and opened her own company in Singapore. She mainly renders graphic design solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs as well as developing effective branding solutions for her clients. Among her clients are illustrious names like the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and IPG Mediabrands.

She enrolled into CMA in October 2010 to acquire important new skills and take her knowledge in visual culture to the next level. During her journey as a student at CMA, Violaine and four other teammates won the celebrated Yellow Pencil at the D&AD student awards competition for the open brief category.

As is evident from her recent triumph on the international creative stage, Violaine demonstrates passion in everything she does.

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