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Part-Time Course

  1. Content of this document is correct at the time of printing.

  2. The implementation date of this course fee is August 2012. Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy reserves the right to make changes to the course fee as and when it deems necessary without prior notice.

  3. Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy is not a GST (goods & service tax) registered company. Hence, all fees quoted herein are exclusive of GST.

  4. We will commence the course only when the minimum class size of 8 participation is achieved. in the event of course postponement, participation may choose to withdraw and receive the full refund or wait for the next commencement date when the minimum class size is achieved.

  5. For installment payment, payments have to be made before the 1st of each month.

  6. A late fee of S$25 per week will be imposed for late payment of course fee.

Entry Requirement: 

Applicants with GCE 'N' level with minimum 3 credits or equivalents may register. Applicant not meeting the entry requirement may need to undergo an interview.

Part-Time Admission (Monthly Installment)

CMA offers various study grants of up to a maximum of $5000 to people with different backgrounds. If you're passionate about our MAD formula, do fill in your details and you could tell us all about your dreams over a cup of coffee!

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