Illustrator Tutorial: How to Create a Greeting Card with a Snowman

In today’s Illustrator tutorial we will learn how to create a holiday card with a snowman. Moreover, we will learn some basic vector techniques which will enrich our graphic design knowledge. Let’s work a little before our Christmas holidays start!

Creation of Vector Elements of a Snowman

Step 1

Snowman has fairly simple form so we won’t probably need any sketch. We’re going to draw directly in Adobe Illustrator. Take the Ellipse Tool (L) and create two ellipses as it is indicated on the figure below.

The color of the fill doesn’t matter so far, so just fill our ellipses with different colors in order to control the location of objects to one another. With the help of two ellipses we create some forms of legs of our snowman. And now with the Direct Selection Tool (A) we select the bottom points of ellipses and shift them up a bit.

Step 2

With the Pen Tool (P) create a form of a nose. Usually, kids use a carrot for such purposes.

Now let’s create a curved path in a form of a smile, which should be created with the Pen Tool (P).

Step 3

Create two circles – forms for the snowman’s eyes are ready.

Let’s work on a form for our stovepipe hat. There is nothing difficult in creating of a stovepipe hat for our snowman. Create an ellipse with the Ellipse Tool; then create the side surface of the hat and its brims with the Pen Tool (P).