Hire Interns to Help with Your Website Development Projects

In this economy all businesses are looking for ways to become more efficient. Whether you’re a website development company who builds websites for clients or you’re a business owner who needs to build your own website, hiring an intern with website development skills can be a very strategic move on your part. Not only are young people creative and usually up on the latest web trends, but they come cheaper than other more seasoned website developers.

In this article we are going to explore how hiring interns can help with your next website development project, the benefits of hiring interns, structuring the internship program, ideas for finding the best interns for your company, what you should pay your interns, and how to get the most out of your interns.

Hire an Intern to Help with Your Next Website Development Project

Again, because of the economy, there is a larger than normal supply of talented individuals out there looking for a great paid internship. Not only do you have all of the college students, but you have kids who are graduating now and are having a tough time finding a full-time position. Now, just because there’s more talent out there does not mean you’re automatically going to choose the best intern for your project. As we get further into this article we will talk more about how to make sure you find the right intern for your company. One of the most critical pieces to it is planning for your internship before you even start looking for your intern(s). Once you have flushed out the project(s) that you want an intern to help you with it’s time to start looking for the right candidate. If you structure your internship program the right way both parties can benefit tremendously from your internship.

Benefits of an Internship for the Intern

Internships offer students and recent college graduates a number of benefits. Below is a list of some of the top benefits an internship can bring to an intern, but I’m sure there are many more.

  • Get paid to learn a new skill or set of skills.

  • Gain real world experience.

  • Expand your network – As I’m sure you have heard, in business, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

  • It could lead to a full-time position.

  • Get more out of your education – When you intern at an organization while in school you learn how to put what you’re learning in school into practice. This will do wonders for you understanding of the course material.

Again, these are just a few of the many benefits that an internship can provide a student.

Internships, a Personal Story

Internships are hugely important to have on your resume when you’re either in college getting ready to graduate or you’re already out of college and looking to land your first corporate job. Companies want to hire people who have real-world experience, not just book smarts. When I was in college I started interning Freshman year. Now, part of that was because I had to pay my own way through school, so I needed the money. Instead of just going to get a part-time job either waiting tables or bartending I decided to get an internship in a field that I had always been interested in, Marketing. That first internship wasn’t glamorous, but it helped me get my second internship. By the summer of Sophomore year parlayed my experience into an internship in Beverly Hills, California. Being from Pennsylvania and going to school just outside of Boston, working 2.5 days in Southern California while spending the rest of the time living it up was an amazing experience for a 19 year old. When it came time to setup an internship for the following summer an opportunity on Madison Avenue in New York City presented itself. I ended up beating out over 40 other students for an internship at a huge ad agency. Finally, when I graduated from college I was able to land a great first job. What do I attribute that to? Certainly not solely based on my 3.40 GPA. It was because the company could tell I was a go-getter and also had a lot of experience for a college graduate.

Benefits of an Internship for the Website Development Company

A well thought out internship program can be hugely beneficial for your company. You can get quality website development work done from a creative go-getter for cheaper than you would have to pay a full-time employee. If you’re thinking you might actually need to hire someone full-time in the future you can also use your internship program as a “tryout” for that full-time position.

Structuring an Internship Program for Your Website Development Company

If you have been following the articles I write for then you know I’m all about planning, especially when it comes to website development and structuring an internship program. Too many times companies come up with an idea that they think can improve their business and before they take time to think it through, set goals, come up with the right strategy, etc. they are jumping into it with both feet.

Unfortunately many companies learn the hard way that if they don’t take time to plan for these activities then they usually fail, even if it’s a great idea.

Below are the steps that you should take before hiring an intern:

  1. Determine what your goal is for the internship? Is there a specific project that you want to hire an intern for?

  2. Come up with a list of skills or attributes that you are looking for in an intern.

  3. Figure out which team members will be responsible for managing your internship program and your intern. Make sure to get them on board early. Make them feel like they are part of planning process.

  4. Develop a training program for your intern(s).

  5. Come up with a clear set of deliverables that your intern(s) can work towards each week.

  6. Figure out