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Five Ways To Encourage Creativity

Creativity is a funny thing. Some of us have bags of it, some of us not so much. If you’re not naturally creative it can be quite frustrating when put up against those who are. But for some reason creativity just doesn’t come naturally to some of us. You probably think creativity is something you’re born with, but it is something you can learn. Creativity is key to many aspects in life. So what can be done about it if we are lacking?

Make Time To Read

For a lot of the younger generation, reading is a thing of the past. But reading is a huge stimulant for creativity. Rather than staring at a screen where everything is already created for you, read a book. When we read we create whole worlds in our heads without even realizing. It’s great for stimulating our imaginations and getting creative juices flowing.

Be Childish Again

It’s been suggested that as we get older we can lose our ability to think and create freely. Most children are consistently creative, painting, playing make believe games and making things.  Do something you enjoyed in your childhood, preferably something that enables you to create freely like painting a picture.

Track Creativity

A great way to encourage more creative thinking is to record any you do have. Any ideas of thoughts you have make a note of them. Carry a note book everywhere you go. Stick in anything inspiring and anything interesting. When you find you are lacking in creativity you can read back over your note book to start stimulating the creative part of your brain.

Stay Positive

Research shows that creative thinking is more likely when in a positive mood. If you’ve been sitting down for hours and your page is still blank, you’re tapping is getting ever more aggressive, and a frown has formed on your forehead; take a break! Go for a walk, get some fresh air, do something that makes you happy for half an hour. You’ll come back feeling refreshed and hopefully full of new ideas!

Take A Course

Creativity training can really help you access your creative side. There are lots of courses and workshops out there as it is surprisingly a common problem. People suffering from a lack of creativity can find it very frustrating. If you are finding even after trying all the hints and tips you still can’t quite summon your creativity try seeing someone who is an expert in creativity. It can really help.


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