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Anatomy of Colors: How to Create a Brilliant White Website

Today we have a review of white color in our section “Anatomy of Colors“. White is all around us, just remember what the main color of your house design is? Of course, it’s white. White color is clean and elegant. It is characterized as perfect and complete, it shows the absolute. White is full of opportunities and freedom. Its fundamental quality is equality, because it contains all colors (they are all in it). It inspires and gives us feeling of freedom. But what is the importance of white in web design? How to create a great white website to be proud of? Let’s figure this out today!

White has an ability to expand the space. Therefore it is often used in interior design and home decorations. It brings purity and innocence, emphasizes the brightness and contrast with the rest of colors. When it comes to web design, we are used to see white as a dominant color at most sites. Also, white space separates a content on a web page.

Cultural Considerations

White is the color of social harmony and peace. If you paint a house white, there will be peace. According to legend, if you paint the door jambs in white, than a person entering would leave his or her evil outside.

White is very widely used in Christianity as a symbol of faith, purity, truth and lordship. The white color in the clothes means the beginning. White wig of judges is a symbol of justice. “White knight” is a symbol of salvation. White clothes of hospital workers is considered as a symbol of salvation and sterile cleanliness.

In some cultures of Mediterranean and Indian countries white is the color of mourning, but in the culture of the majority of Western countries it is a symbol of purity. White – the traditional color of the wedding dress in European countries. The white dress was considered a symbol of purity and innocence.

Benefits of Using White

I think many of you will agree that white is associated with cleanliness and purity. Cleanliness is the main goal of almost any website, isn’t it? We can say that the website design is clean when content is organized and the elements are on the appropriate places.

Take a look at the website below, it looks simple in use and content is well placed. White gives a comfort of exploring.


Readable text and user-friendly navigation make this website almost perfect.


Let’s look at more examples of websites that are white and simple. What does simplicity mean? It’s when a website is easy in use and navigate, when it loads faster and responses at once.

It is a portfolio of Casey Britt. Very cozy, nice and simple website design.


White is also a perfect color for corporate websites. Such kind of websites look elegant and formal. It gives the impression that the workers of this company are elegant and formal as well.



As I have mentioned above, white color highlights the brightness of other color. Therefore white is a great background color for any creative and bright website. Look at the websites below.



White makes the content stand out. It is also easy to mix and match with other colors.

A few Tips to Create a Perfect White Website

1. Make the text as dark as possible in order to make it stand out from the white color. Also, make the font size bigger to make it readable.

2. Make the content organized for neat look. It will make the content easy to read and explore.

3. Make your buttons bright or dark, therefore the viewers will notice them at once.

4. Make it simple. In order to capture visitors attention make the website simple, if it possible.

More Examples of Awesome White Websites

There are more examples of great neat and cozy white websites that surely will get you inspired.

























I hope the tips above were useful for you and you will create a truly great white website. If your website is white or you want just say “hello”, feel free to use the comment field.


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