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50 Reasons Why You May Not Make It As A Freelancer

Some designers make a great career out of freelancing, some struggle to ever pay the bills solely from freelancing income.

If you are already a successful freelancer, you will probably see that you are not guilty of most of the points made below.

If you are hoping to be a full-time freelancer, or are currently finding it difficult to get your freelancing going, some points below may help you figure out why.

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To explain this post a little better, our opinion on when a freelancer knows they have “made it”, is when you can comfortably pay 100% of your bills from your freelancing income. Some of you may disagree with that description of “making it”, but that is how we measure it so that the conversation can start somewhere (we do encourage you to add your thoughts in the comments at the end though).

And so, the 50 reasons why you may not make it as a freelance designer:

  1. The thought of working a 16 – 19 hour day makes you feel violently ill

  2. You sleep in past 12 pm most mornings

  3. You don’t know what the word “typography ” means

  4. You hear the word “Hex ” and you think someone is talking about dinosaurs

  5. When meeting clients, you wear jeans and a t-shirt

  6. Your hair is a mess, all the time

  7. Your phone manner is terrible (you answer with “hello”, and nothing else)

  8. You don’t understand what a “bleed ” is

  9. Your business card is a home-made Microsoft Publisher job

  10. You have never started a conversation with a stranger

  11. You are not confident

  12. You are not likeable

  13. You do not manage your personal finances well

  14. Your mum doesn’t even like your design work

  15. You want to be successful, but your drive is completely lacking

  16. You are not self-motivated

  17. You don’t have a desire to be the most successful person you know

  18. You don’t have a website

  19. Explaining the difference between 300 dpi and 72 dpi is like speaking a foreign language to you

  20. You think white space is wasted space

  21. The bevel function in Photoshop doesn’t work anymore because you have worn it out so badly

  22. You struggle to actually complete a project

  23. You have to give your clients money back because you over-promised on your ability

  24. You have 0 business skills and have no idea how to develop them

  25. You really dislike sales and feeling like a salesperson

  26. You don’t make your clients sign contracts

  27. You think it’s cool to be flaky and disorganized because that is what “us creative types are like”

  28. You think you are right, and the client is wrong

  29. You think that your prices need to be lower than anyone around so that you can get the business

  30. Your people skills are terrible

  31. You don’t have a plan for your freelancing career, you are just floating along

  32. You don’t really understand what marketing is

  33. You haven’t developed a brand for your freelancing career

  34. You are unable to save money

  35. You don’t have a desire to continue learning all the time

  36. You have never worked more than 40 hours a week in your life

  37. You have never worked for anyone before

  38. Seeing a logo you designed on a billboard or on tv doesn’t give you a rush

  39. You design things that look good but don’t match the brief whatsoever

  40. You spend most of your time working on entries for silly online design contests

  41. You let clients name their price

  42. You’re not a risk-taker

  43. You do not manage your time whatsoever

  44. You are not disciplined in a daily routine

  45. You don’t study your competition

  46. You don’t even know who your competition is

  47. The word “crop ” makes you think of the farm

  48. You suck at Photoshop

  49. You are guilty of over 20 of the points above

  50. You are angry at me after reading this


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