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30+ Pictures to Showcase Life Through Different Colors

When we talk about colors, it reminds me of dogs, they cannot feel the beauty of colors. Every thing is like a black & white film for them. We can see the whole spectrum of colors while dogs only see black, gray and white. This seems to be one of the major gifts from god to human beings. As colors create huge difference in the ordinary things, that a black and white picture can never reveal. Several emotions can be attached to the colors and the pictures taken in different hues.


Red comes in mind at first, while talking about colors on the palette. Red color can bring you different emotions like love, aggression, passion, negativity, heat, lust, blood, beauty, fire, courage and many more.


Orange color radiate warmth and controversy. Neither it reflects ‘love’ nor it indicates ‘hatred’. It is a close relative of red and sometimes give a broad appeal in the case of depth.


This color indicates spark, creativity, happiness and optimism. When it comes to environment, it reminds of past memory and activates conversation.


We can say it as one of the most favorite colors of people after blue color. It reminds of nature, pease, integrity, etc. Green is the most visible color in the spectrum having major part in terms of area.


Favorite among men, as it gives cooling effect physically and mentally both. Sometimes it may give dramatic effect to the scene. Otherwise blue color represents calming nature, dependence, Commitment and trust.


Favorite color among adolescent girls, reflects creativity, royal and mystic quality. Purple is made up of the mixture of red and blue. At times, it may indicate restlessness.


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