Professional Certificate in Communication Design

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Course Duration: 12 Months

Lecturer:Students Ratio: 1:30


Course Duration: 10 Months

Lecturer:Students Ratio: 1:20

The Professional Certificate in Communication Design aims to provide students with a stronger fundamental skill set in visual literacy and technical executions. With a strong foundational pillar in place, students are able to make better decisions before execution; having strong technical skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator makes it easier for them to achieve their desired outcome. The course also acts as an ‘introductory package’ to design, crafted even for people without a design background but want to upgrade themselves, as design fundamentals can be applied to all aspects of life.​

Learning Outcomes
  • Understanding the elements and principles of design

  • Understanding the importance of design visual literacy and how to use it to communicate effectively

  • Developing skill sets for the use of basic and advanced Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

  • Understanding the concept of Typography and how to correctly use the right Typeface for the right application

Visual Communication

Visual Communication is a key cornerstone of great design. Students of visual communication will embark on a creative adventure to explore, discover and cultivate themselves to become a successful visual communication designer. Through this journey, they will learn the importance of integrating basic design elements, principles of design, visual composition and relationships to identity and resolve visual problems. Specifically, the course focuses on the design process and function, graphical experimentation and developing skills for a visual communication designer.

Digital Studios I

The Digital Studios I module provides a comprehensive coverage of Adobe Illustrator, from the fundamentals, all the way to advanced Illustrator techniques. Students will learn essential vector drawing tools to unlock their creative potential and how to use shortcuts to enhance their design workflow. They will learn to create and construct logo designs, 2 and 3-dimensional graphics, realistic illustrations, perspective drawing and 3-dimensional packaging mockups. Specifically, this course focuses on equipping students with professional industry skills and techniques to edit and create vector visuals and effects in the highly visual saturated society today.

Digital Studios II

The Digital Studios II module introduces students to the professional practice and experts’ choice of digital image editing: Adobe Photoshop. Here, students will learn the fundamentals of Photoshop, all the way to advance techniques used for editing, manipulating, retouching and enhancing of digital images. They will be actively involved in the design process, and through integrating raster and vector images with Illustrator, maximise the full potential of the tools to create appealing visuals ready for the industry.

Typography and Communication Design

The art and technique of arranging type to make it visually appealing, engaging and attention grabbing. This module provides students with the theoretical and practical experiences of typography as a visual language and its application in visual communication design. Students will learn the history of type, anatomy, terminology, principles of typography, typographic layout, type aesthetics and consideration. They will also learn the different typographic elements, letter structures, type personality, the tone of voice and above all, acquire an in-depth understanding of the role, purpose and function of typography.

Entry Requirements


  • Applicants are to be aged 16 or above when applying.

  • GCE 'N' level with minimum 3 credits (C6) or equivalents

  • Applicant not meeting the entry requirement may need to undergo an interview.


  • VIETNAM - Minimum year 10 education

  • CHINA - High School Senior Level 2 or equivalent


  • MALAYSIA - SPM / STPM / Chinese Independent – High School Senior Level 2

  • Pass in English at Sec 3 or equivalents

*Exemption will be considered for applicants with related working experience or graduates from other design schools. (Exemption for design modules is strictly based on portfolio evaluation and interview)

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