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Summer holidays are a month of pure bliss for any student, it is a month for them to kick back, relax, watch as much TV as they can and go out as much as they can. But why forgo this period of time that can never be relived. Do something more. Explore new boundaries and skim new surfaces. Witness design first hand, see how it can be an integrated part of your life (if you let it be). Come and have some fun, while having knowledge and practical skills imparted into you. You may just ignite your inner passion.

Certificate on Visual Arts

The Certificate in Visual Arts combines CMA's signature Marketing, Advertising & Design (MAD) integrated formula into an intensive yet comprehensive program. Students can expect to be exposed to visual related studies such as Visual Communications and Digital Design. (1 to 2 week program)

Editorial Design Module

The Editorial Design Camp covers important aspects on how to structure a set of cohesive editorial content, grids and components through the use of Adobe InDesign as the technical aspects. Students not only will learn content gathering, they will also understand how to create personalities and tone for publication. At the end of the program students will print their own magazine. 

Online Media Design Course

The Online Media Design Camp allow participants to integrate communication design with realism through rich media, with studies focusing on web criteria, restrictions and how to use Adobe Dreamweaver for dynamic web presentations. This course will focus mainly on the following areas: Understanding what the Internet is, worldwide web and the progress; the Internet and communication design Fundamentals of the web. (1 or 2 week program)

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