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A designer's path: An interactive exhibition of a creative man.

We will bring You through a decision-making journey where You are to pursue a creative dream in a curated exhibition. What will you choose? In this room of simulated paths and outcome you will be exposed to the crossroads of different choices, from the first step of how you start the education as a designer ,to the next step of a career choice. Simply put, your pick will influence the next. How would you select a path that maximizes your potential and possibilities to the desired destination, by being different, competent, and the boss of your own ideas.

At the end of the exhibition, you will have a clearer picture of what it takes to be a creative and thinking designer.

Date: 13-16 Mar 2013
Time: 11AM-10PM
Venue: Central Mall, Clarke Quay
Link: View the Event


Designing volunteer recruitment campaigns

Have you ever wondered how designing a volunteer recruitment campaign can increase the effectiveness of your organisation's volunteer recruitment efforts? This workshop is co-organized with NVPC, aims to expose participants to the benefits of using campaigns and design services to achieve their volunteer recruitment goals. Besides sharing about the background of design and creative thinking, showcasing examples of companies that been benefited from using campaigns, there will also be a workshop on how to design an effective volunteer recruitment campaign.

Please note that this complimentary workshop is open only to Volunteer Managers & Volunteer Coordinators of Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs).

Date: 14 Mar 2013
Time: 2pm-6pm, registration starts 1.30pm
Venue: MAD School by CMA

Speaker: Diana Albarrán
Link: View the Event


Do I say yes when my child wants to study design?

Design is not seen as a normal career path that children should follow since it may not be as "lucrative" as other careers. This 1.5-hour workshop will explain to parents what are the factors to consider whether to allow their children to be in the creative industry. We will explore the opportunities, career path as well as practical ways of leading to a dream career, including how to choose the right program for them.

Date: 13 Mar 2013
Time: 6pm-730pm, registration starts 5.30pm
Venue: MAD School by CMA

Speaker: Roy Poh and Carolyn Teo
Link: View the Event

Roy Poh and Carolyn are married with two lovely daughters. They both have extensive creative experience and are holding key positions in creative agencies. Roy Poh, creative director of design studio A Beautiful Design, has been nominated by the Institute of Advertising Singapore for four consecutive years, to be among the 15 most influential creative directors in Singapore.

Carolyn co-founded Kinetic Interactive in 1999 with 3 other partners at the age of 26. She started the Design and Advertising arm in 2001, and consolidated the two companies into Kinetic Singapore in 2009. It is with this belief she has won over clients with her passion and tenacity. She handles international brands such as Nike, Nokia, Levis, HBO Asia, Zuji, MINI, Dulux and also established local brands such as Ho Bee Group, CDL, Hong Leong Holdings, 100plus, F&N, Oxy, Sunplay just to name a few.

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