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MAD About Singapore


We are featuring a selection of 100 photos from Instagrammers who shot beautiful and creative perspectives of our homeland Singapore. They are chosen from 11,000 photos we received through an Instagrammers' competition to describe Singapore with a photo, hashtagged #MadAboutSingapore. This exhibition will also feature 8 Singapore Instagrammers of the year 2014 and their works. We believe that everyone is creative and unique in their own way and we hope that people explore their talents in their daily lives. Enjoy your time at our exhibition and be inspired in many ways! 


In celebration of Singapore’s 49th birthday, Instagrammers Singapore (@InstaSG) and M.A.D. School Singapore announced an open call for an Instagram exhibition with the theme "Mad About Singapore".

The open call invited submission for the exhibition through the hashtag #MadAboutSingapore; asking Instagrammers to describe Singapore with a picture - “If a picture says a thousand words about Singapore, do you have that picture?”. The idea is to encourage the passion to express what’s around us through photography, and to globally showcase the identity of Singapore through Instagram.

At the close of the open call, almost 11,000 pictures were hashtagged! 100 pictures were finally selected for the exhibition by a panel of judges with the help of several outstanding Singapore Instagrammers:




The final judging panel includes teams from InstaSG, M.A.D. School, Nikon Singapore, and the award-winning Nikon professional photographer, Bryan Foong.

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