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Welcome to Wonderland, Again

We assume you must be one of those daring and unconventional people out there. If not you wouldn't even drop by.


Here's something you should know


You've already won half the battle. Because you dare to see the world differently and break the norms, you've got just the attitude which will carry you far - that we're sure.



We have something cool for you: the MAD formula.


Combining all 3 specialisations of Marketing, Advertising and Design, it will empower you with the mastermind and the right skills for the beginning of your creative journey. It's like a foundation you can always rely on, no matter what obstacles you face in this competitive world.



It’s all about you.


We injected our MAD formula into our Professional Diploma in Advertising & Design, crafted specially for fearless people like you. With this, you can become everything ranging from a Creative Director or Art Director, to a Brand/ Marketing Manager or Design-preneur. You'll be trained to churn out your inspiration into tangible form, and put your mark on the world.



It's a 3-in-1 Diploma like no other. In fact, we think it's more of an extreme transformation which will polish and refine you into that shining jewel you are meant to be.


So go on, transform yourself by clicking here.

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