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CMA offers our very own MAD formula through the Professional Diploma in Advertising and Design course. It integrates Marketing and Advertising into Design and ultimately equips our students with the skills required to build a career path towards their dream of being a Creative Director, or setting up their own agency. It is a combination of our Diploma in Communication Design and Specialist Diploma in Advertising Design courses.

In this course, CMAians will be trained to take on the rigours in the design business, understand the market, craft out advertising strategies and eventually come up with designs and visuals that communicate and sell the product or services at a much higher intrinsic value projected by branding.

CMA's Diploma in Communication Design course trains CMAians to be full-fledged designers (even those without prior creative backgrounds), whilst the Specialist Diploma in Advertising Design course trains CMAians (who are already designers) to be able to think, plan and execute any design.

Everyone is aware that being able to design is no longer an issue. Taking up an ordinary design course would equip you with that skill. However, being able to understand and communicate with your clients with practicality on top of your creativity is essential, and we believe we provide you with this in all our courses.


"CMA has fully pushed my creativity and passion for design to a higher level. From a typical designer to a full fledged creative person who can design AND sell the ideas to my boss and clients effectively! My pay is multiplied and I get my promotion in shortest period of time! Thanks to MAD Formula!"

David Chen
CMA Graduate
Art Director of Ogilvy & Mather (Shanghai)

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