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Your Heartbeats for Good Ads

Everyone loves advertisements. Advertisements are part-and-parcel of our lives, influencing our daily decisions on living and spending. It is an Art that some love and some don't. Share with us your choice of a good advertisement and stand a chance to win our weekly movie tickets and treats from Starbucks.

This competition opens on 29th October 2012, 09:00HRS and closes on 09th December 2012, 00:00HRS.


How to share?

1) Find the Ads that make your heart beat and share it on our Facebook page:

2) Get your friends to like or share.
Each Like = 1 heartbeat
Each Share = 2 heartbeats

Posting time: 29th October 2012 till 09th December 2012, 09:00HRS till 00:00HRS
( Our heartbeats' monitors need sufficient rest to avoid heart attacks! )

How to win?

Weekly Winner:
The participant who gains the most heartbeats for the respective week.


Weekly Prizes:
A $10 Starbucks Voucher & 4x Movie tickets at Cathay Cineplex
( Visit our Facebook on every Wednesday to find out who is the winner! )

Lucky Draw Prize:
4x Single day Pass to Universal Studios Singapore

Terms & Conditions

  1. This contest is only based in Singapore, overseas participants will not be considered in the judging process.

  2. No limit to any forms of advertisements to be shared – TV, Print, Outdoor, Radio, Online, Ambient & Direct marketing.

  3. CMA staff are not allowed to participate, but CMA students are strongly encouraged to.

  4. Winner will be notified via Facebook message and updates.

  5. CMA reserves the right to use the winners information for post campaign publicity without prior notice.

  6. CMA reserves the right to disqualify the participants on following guidelines:
    a. Entries selections (e.g. Explicit ads will not be approved)
    b. First come first serve basis (No duplicate submission of ads)
    c. Entitled to one chance of winning the Weekly Prize (Will not be considered in subsequent weeks)
    d. Qualifying period for each post are limited to the following calendar week:
    i. 1st week: 29th October 2012, 09:00HRS till 04th November 2012, 00:00HRS
    Weekly winner to be Announced on 07th November 2012 12:00HRS
    ii. 2nd week: 05th November 2012, 09:00HRS till 11th November 2012, 00:00HRS.
    Weekly winner to be Announced on 14th November 2012 12:00HRS
    iii. 3rd week: 12th November 2012, 09:00HRS till 18th November 2012 12:00HRS.
    Weekly winner to be Announced on 21st November 2012 12:00HRS
    iv. 4th week: 19th November 2012 00:00 till 25th November 2012 09:00HRS.
    Weekly winner to be Announced on 28th November 2012 12:00HRS
    v. 5th week: 26th November 2012, 09:00HRS till 02nd December 2012, 00:00HRS.
    Weekly winner to be Announced on 05th December 2012 12:00
    vi. 6th week: 03rd December 2012, 09:00HRS till 09th December 2012, 00:00HRS.
    Weekly winner to be Announced on 12th December 2012 12:00HRS

  7. We welcome multiple entries.

  8. Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

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