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Specialist Diploma in Advertising Design

The visual communication module acts as an orientation programs for students to embark on their discovery journey of what it takes to become a successful designer, relevant to the industry. Students will be exposed to the various forms of design, as well as understanding fundamentals such as design principles, symbols, colors, etc.


This module will focus mainly on the following areas:

  • Design appreciation and communication

  • Fundamentals and Principles of design

  • Colour fundamentals and theories

  • Idea development

  • Research development

  • Protocols and processes

Awarded by CMA, School of Communication and Design Singapore

Career Opportunities

  • Art Director

  • Creative Director

  • Design-Preneur

  • Graphic Designer

  • Typographer

  • Illustrator

  • Editorial Designer

  • Advertising Agencies

  • Corporate Identity Designer
    And more than that

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