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Marketing, Advertising & Design course

You sit at your desk all day churning out creative ideas, translating them from thought to paper. You’re doing well, but you’re not satisfied. You want more. You want exposure to the creative industry on the global stage. You want to meet top international creatives. You want to further your skills and push your mind past its limits. You want to live your dreams and be able to share your passion with others just like you. You want all that… And yet there you are, imagining the world at your doorstep. Well, it is time to stop imagining, because it IS right there.


We only have this to say: Opportunities may knock on your door once in awhile, but temptation? She leans on the doorbell every minute. So don’t just sit there. Take your learning experience (from all that clicking) out of the screen, and into your hands.

Do it. With us.

How MAD are you?

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