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Marketing, Advertising & Design course

tay guan hin

Tay Guan Hin
Executive Creative Director | JWT

- Never stop learning. Just when you thought you know everything, there’s always somethingelse you don’t know.

- Always be humble when you deal with others. No matter if they aremore junior than you. Who knows, they might end up as your boss.

- The best sources forideas come from real life situations. When you start to create something that’s not ‘real’,your work will not relate with others.

- Creativity is about observation. Stay curious. Neverbe easily satisfied. Always be on the lookout to try something different.

- Don’t be afraid. Themore you conquer your fears, the better you’re able to move forward and step into bolderand bigger territories.

- Remember. You are only as good as your last job. Continue to keepreinventing yourself to keep up with the change in this world.

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