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Award Winning Photographer | Digital Retouching Expert at Shots Creation Pte Ltd

Edward’s passion is to inspire, empower and impart his photo-crafting skills and conceptual brand thinking. He believes photography is a language and medium that is powerful to communicate without language or cultural barriers. Photocrafting combine capturing of images and crafting to refine to bring the message out.

Experiences and Achievements Experiences
  • A creative business owner and entrepreneur since 1995.
  • Setup 5 different business from retouching, photography, café, bar and restaurant.
  • President of Business Network International Champions Chapter from March 2013 till April 2014.
  • Coached and trained youths on photography in Scape park V hub as a volunteer trainer.
  • Taught as an adjunct lecturer at Nanyang Academy of Fine Art (Film, Advertising Art Direction)
  • Taught as an adjunct lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic (Photography, Design application)
  • Taught as an adjunct lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic (Digital imaging)

  • Singapore Creative Awards, (CCA) Photography Category (2 Sliver and 3 Bronze), Asia Media Award – 2001
  • Asia Media Award (Regional), Spike for photography, Communications Arts Photography (New York) – 2002
  • Asia Media Award (Regional), Photography Category, Communications Arts Photography (New York) – 2003
  • DNAD (London) – Sliver Pencil – 2003
  • Communications Arts Photography (New York) & Archive Best 200 Photographer (worldwide) – 2004
  • One show and Color Awards – 2005 ! PDN and Color Awards – 2006
  • Communications Arts Photography and Long Xi Awards – 2007
  • Communications Arts Photography and Archive Best 200 Photographer (Worldwide) – 2008
  • Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival (Bronze), Spikes Asia (Gold), Spike Asia (Sliver) – 2009 Page 2
  • Long Xi awards and One Show 2010
  • Kontential Award (U.S.) 1st in Commercial advertising photography – 2015

Brands and clients

Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines, NorthWest Airlines, Bjet (private jets), Mercedes, BMW,VW, Fiat, AIA, Mastercard, Visa, HSBC, DBS, American Express, Disneyland, Intel, Ben & Jerry, Dole , Sprite, Coke, Carlsberg, Levis, Wonderbra, Texwood, Mont Blanc, Johnny Walker, DHL, Fedex, Hong Kong Land, Pan Pacific Hotel, Park Royal Hotel, Motorola, Nokia. China Mobile.

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