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Design Director at Chemistry (Singapore), Head of Communication at Aiducation International

Bachelor Of Fine Arts | Unsw Australia

Lecturer For:
Natural And Studio Lighting, Portraiture Photography

Justin Ong is a Singaporean photographer and alumni of the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography. Justin first discovered his fascination for cultural journalism during the weeks he spent living amongst people within the intricate alleyways of the Jakarta slums: His love for photojournalism and adventure led his work to grace the cover of Asian Geographic and features in numerous other publications such acquire, The GIST, Buro 24/7. In 2016, Leica hosted Justin's first solo show in Singapore, "Visions" Visions featured his journalistic work around Asia, from the regimented isolation of North Korea to the glorious mountains of Indonesia. Professionally, Justin juggles being a freelance commercial photographer and a photojournalist as well as an adjunct lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic where he first realised his love for still images, over a decade ago.

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