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Illustrator, Visual Artist
Bachelor Of Arts In Psychology | Murdoch University Perth Western Australia Gce“O” Level. Bachelor Of Communications (Advertising-Creative) | Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology.

Leonard Wee is an active visual arts practitioner on both traditional and digital platforms. He has worked alongside various visual artists and has also shown his work in the galleries of New York. Having based his practice in the local landscape today, he is working towards both a solo and group show in Singapore.

Other than that, he is also a DesignSingapore Scholar who graduated from the School of Visual Arts with honours in Illustration. A firm believer that great imagery is a convergence of intellect, heart and skill, his interest lies in what it means and takes to make interesting and meaningful imagery as a creative in today’s time.

Lecturer For:
Fundamentals Of Photography, Digital Imaging I, Digital Imaging II, Portfolio Presentation And Exhibition, Natural And Artificial Lighting, Documentary Photography, Content Marketing And Creation (Storytelling).

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