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Senior Graphic Designer at Creative Eateries Pte Ltd

Colin Lee’s 1st foray in graphic design was as a freelance designer in 2003; designing brochures and flyers. That was also when his love for photography developed and he started honing his skills for photography while on his job assignments. After that, he made a commitment to delve into the industry, accepting a wide range of assignments and increasing the breath of his experience. At the same time, he enrolled himself into Inspiration Design International Where he graduated with a Diploma (High Distinction). Colin is extremely proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash and Freehand in the Mac environment and an equally competent sharpshooter.

Diploma (High Distinction) In Graphic Design | Inspiration Design International.

Lecturer For:
Mastery Of The Tool, Seeing With A third Eye, Painting With Light, Story Telling, Documentary Photography, Natural / Artificial Studio Lighting, Fashion Photography, Portraiture Photography, Product Photography, Visual Communication, Digital Studio, Communication Design & Typography, Rich Media, Editorial Design, Online Media Design, Communication Design Project, Photography, Communication Design Project.

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