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Marketing, Advertising & Design course



Diploma in Graphic Design | Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Lecturer For:
Fundamentals of Photography, Natural and Studio Lighting, Digital Imaging I, Digital Imaging II, Product Photography, Portraiture Photography, Fashion Photography, Portfolio Presentation, Visual Communication, Advertising Overview, Creative Thinking, Branding, TVC (Concept + Development).

Natalie | CMA Diploma Graduate

Current in NTU

Although I only studied 1 year in CMA, I really learnt a lot. My understanding on design has changed andbroadened. As I was exposed to real examples of how marketing, advertising and design are closelyconnected to the success of a campaign, my interest in this area has grown and I am constantlymotivated by the passions of CMA lecturers.

My friends are all very surprised to see my portfolio within such a short period of learning andimpressed by my integrated approach in design. In the middle of my course in CMA, I applied forNTU with my portfolio and I secured a seat, BFA in Arts Media and Design!CMA is truly a good school that can help anyone develop a portfolio and unleash potentials to another level,beyond expectations.

Richard Lua

CMA Specialist Diploma Graduate
Current: Started Own Design Studio

Attending CMA (Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy) has been rewarding to me, both as a designer, as well as an entrepreneur in the field. Besides the comprehensive course modules, all lecturers are experienced veterans of the trade. Hence, I was given the opportunity to share and learn from their realistic knowledge and experience in the creative industry. With the small-sized class, I absorbed better, as the lecturers could afford to offer individual attention to my progress.

MAD (Marketing, Advertising, Design) formula is one of the unique value of the school. Before I was introduced to the formula, my designs were somehow lack of substance. The ideas were not polished, as researches were not done with depth, whereas the work completed eventually turns out to be raw. After I started implementing MAD onto my design campaigns, I realized that I manage to draw a clear understanding of what my campaign objective is, and have the right strategies applied effectively.

I gained wisdom which I had not been exposed to in the past 15 years. As a designer, I learnt that an idea needs to be able to sell in order to be creative. With these eventually help me to strategize the campaigns for my client better, allowing them to entrust their projects to me more confidently. I am not able to encapsulate every benefit that I derived here, but hope that the above illustrates the value of the education that is offered at CMA.

Gerry Seah | CMA Professional Diploma Graduate

Current: AirLab Design Studio Co-founder/Creative Director

I formerly worked in Carrefour for 5 years, now I am the Creative Director of AirLab Design.Through what I have learnt in CMA and M.A.D formula, I won some business accounts such as HP&Ministry of Health. CMA lecturers’’ impartation of their experiences and industrial know-howsduring classes have widened my scope of understanding on creative solution. I am a designerwith execution capability, providing integrated solution with branding, marketing, advertisingand design.

Janny | CMA Graduate of MAD Program - Professional Diploma in Advertising and Design

Current: Brand Manager and Creative Head of Phuc Long (HCM, Vietnam)

Hmm.. seriously I didn’t know what could have led me to the point where I am now withoutCMA. I was given a chance to become someone I never thought of.. I remember when I joinedCMA, I only had my secondary 4 level. After the intensive training in CMA for 20 months,I fought very hard and one thing that differentiated me from the rest, is that I am a designer whoknows branding and advertising. I gained respect from my boss and he put me not only in chargeof the design team but also branding and marketing. Well, of course, this is only the beginning ofmy creative dream!

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